Choosing failure

It's really easy to talk passionately about chasing our dreams, it's really really easy to be brave and determined and resilient when it's all still in your head. But the truest test of whether or not you mean it will come in the face of failure. And I hope that when that time comes, that I can let myself fail...

The Shoe

This whole thing got me thinking, how many other patent blue ballet flats was I holding onto in my life? Is there something that I am I not looking at holistically? What dead thing am I wasting my time trying to revive? What broken toy needs to be thrown away now?

Weeds Still Grow Flowers

Self-love is not the absence of your worst traits or bad habits. Self-love does not include being oblivious to the ways in which you may suck. Self-love is a recognition of all of the above, and understanding that these are parts of you, not all of you, and they do not make you any less deserving of love and compassion from others but most importantly from yourself. 

Bullet Journaling

So you may or may not have heard about something called "bullet journaling". And it may have piqued your interest or this is the first time you've heard the phrase. Either way, you're here, and let me introduce you to this truly wonderful world of customised organisation. After you...